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16 July 1980
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What can I say? I'm incredibly boring. I live in Montana. I have a beautiful daughter named Carrie (born April 27, 1999). She's great. She is my world, and I love her SOO much. Of course, I'm also biased, and I believe her to be the most beautiful and adorable little girl in the world. =)

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Others said:

jon2: "Paige has a great ass."

flwrbabe: "Paige's life is like a rollercoaster. There are a lotta twists and turns, but it is surely not something to be missed."

alfabettezoupe: "paige is better than cats. i will talk to her again and again. i laughed. i cried. i begged for more. plus she put out to get me to say this!"

impious: "if pimpin is wrong, she don't want to be right"
impious: "her online game ain't quake, it's PIMPIN"

ik: "paige... reinventing the term TEASE on a daily basis"

caren: "i thought i was cool...until i met paige."

insane_42: "paige is very huggable and stuff ;D but she won't let me call her ;P"
insane_42: "if paige was a strawberry, i'd definately eat her"

achemze: "paige has big boobs."

elsnaibs: "I love Paige! She tastes like chicken!"

drsuessrox: "9 out of 10 moms agree - paige kicks ass"

denisd: "Paige: If you dont know her, you havent been online long enough"

lifetime: "I have two obsessions: Vanessa Carlton and Paige liking me. I also like cheesecake. Oh yeah. And don't fall in love with perry at her house."

superstar_pig: "she has no idea what corrupt is"